The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, April 14

From Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan confirming his upcoming trip to the Gaza Strip, to a photo of an ultra-Orthodox man wrapped in plastic gone viral, Haaretz brings you the top headlines from Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish World.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet decided unanimously on Sunday to extend the Citizenship Law restricting the "family reunification" of Israeli citizens with certain foreign partners for an additional year. The law denies entry or living permits to partners who are considered a security threat, among them Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza, and citizens of enemy countries or from areas involved in long-term conflict with Israel.

After postponing his trip last week at the request of Washington, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed on Sunday he will visit the Palestinian Gaza Strip at the end of May after an official trip to the United States in the middle of the month.

Israel's Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry is offering 85% tuition rebates on professional training courses to ultra-Orthodox men, Arab women and people with disabilities. Participants who are hired after completing their studies will also receive a grant of NIS 2,000, which should more than cover the balance of tuition fees.

Several prominent Israeli authors, including Amos Oz and A.B. Yehoshua, and other scholars have issued a plea to Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi, asking him to put an end to his months-long hunger strike.

Stem-cell research is blooming in Israel, as next week, 18 Israeli companies whose research sits on the cutting edge of medical advancement will mingle with several more from around the world at the Israstem Conference in Ramat Gan.

An East Jerusalem resident who is requesting permission to appeal the eviction of his family from their home in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah claims that the police are harassing him and that he was even arrested on false charges.

At 8 P.M. on Sunday, a one-minute siren will sound throughout Israel, marking the beginning of Memorial Day, followed by commemoration ceremonies. A torch will be lit at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, in the presence of President Shimon Peres and Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.

Despite its questionable origins, a photograph on an unnamed Haredi man wrapped in a plastic bag on an airplane has gone massively viral. Allison Kaplan Sommer asks why the virtual world is so fascinated by images representing the extremes of Israeli reality.