The Secret Life of Holocaust Survivor Menachem Alter Einhorn

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Eli Oren. Photo courtesy, via TLV1.

Coming out of the ashes of the Holocaust, many survivors chose to leave their old lives behind and start anew. Menachem Alter Einhorn refused to do so. After the war ended, he desperately searched for his wife and children. But after coming to the conclusion that they'd been killed, he remarried and started a new family. As it turned out, he may have jumped the gun.

On this episode of "Journeys," we bring you the unbelievable story of Eli Oren, the son of Menachem Alter Einhorn and his second wife Esther, also a Holocaust survivor. Eli's father never told him that he had had a family before the war, not even on his deathbed. But a few years after his father's death, Oren began researching his roots and soon discovered the great secret that his father kept for decades. His first wife and one of their children had in fact survived the Holocaust.

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