The Promised Podcast: Who Killed Social Justice?

PART 1: Did the 2011 social protests leave any real mark on Israel? If not, who is to blame?

Protest tents against housing shortages and high rent prices on Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, July 2011.
Motti Kimchi

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The 2011 “social protests” began five years ago this week. Allison, Don and Noah discuss whether they've left any real mark on the country. If not, who is to blame?

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The Promised Podcast is an inside view of how Israel can warm your heart and make your blood boil. It’s a radio show by a journalist, a professor and an NGO guy who live in and love Israel even though it drives them crazy, and who each week discuss the latest in Israeli politics, culture and society. The show is hosted by Allison Kaplan Sommer, Don Futterman, and Noah Efron.