'God Help Us if This Gets Out': The Full Transcript of Yair Netanyahu's Wild Tel Aviv Night

Benjamin Netanyahu's son recorded telling Israeli gas tycoon's son at strip club: My dad set your dad up for $20b, give me $115 for prostitute

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Sex, gas and state-funded security: Yair Netanyahu's wild night out
Sex, gas and state-funded security: Yair Netanyahu's wild night outCredit: Haaretz

Yair Netanyahu and his friends hoped their night out would not be documented. Accompanied by a bodyguard and a driver provided by the state, the prime ministers son, the son of gas tycoon Kobi Maimon and Roman Abramov, a representative of billionaire James Packer, went touring strip clubs in Tel Aviv, paying for erotic dances and talking about the natural gas deal that had just been reached. On Monday night, the Israel Television News Company broadcast a recording made that night.

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The transcript that was released is as follows:

Yair Netanyahu: Ill text her to come takeaway with me bro ... shes coming with me as takeaway.

He thinks the stripper is coming with him, what a dumbass.

Can you tell him the stripper isnt coming? Forget it.

Bodyguard: Forget it, hes drunk. Wheres the lady?

Roman Abramov: Bro, she pulled a fast one on you, she wanted you to take her to a room and give her 800 shekels like an idiot ... youre dumbasses, if someone had photographed you outside a strip club, do you realize what that would have looked like?

Son of Kobi Maimon: Do you know how much Ive spent today? It wasnt even for me, I spent 400 shekels on him.

Netanyahu: No, its all right, he paid you back.

Abramov: No, I used cash as well.

Maimon: 2,000 at the strip club.

Bodyguard: Tomorrow morning youll wake up and remember nothing.

Abramov: No, I spent 400 in cash then as well.

Maimon: So youre exactly at 100.

Netanyahu: Im a little in overdraft, bro. Dudu stung us.

Maimon: Ive spent 3,000 today.

Netanyahu: I dont know how were going to Ibiza.

Abramov: On what?

Maimon: 3,000 shekels I wasted.

Abramov: On what?

Maimon: I spent 300 at Clara and I gave Netanyahu 400.

Abramov: He also gave you 400 shekels.

Netanyahu: No, that was for the prostitute.

Abramov: No, he wanted to show Maimon how much hes spending, like he deserves respect.

Maimon: Dudu ran off on us, bro.

Netanyahu: But if you want, Ill fix you up with [his girlfriend at the time].

Maimon (laughing): How is that?

Netanyahu: I have to fix her up with everyone, Im paying off my debts.

Maimon: You cant get her for yourself. I want that stripper – that will settle my debt.

Netanyahu: But bro, Jackie is the best.

Abramov: What do you mean, she'll come, you dumbass? Bro, hes tripping but he thinks its real. Hes tripping.

Netanyahu: I took her phone number but I dont think its real.

Abramov: Bro, think about it. Do you know how many strippers I have on my phone that I had.

Maimon: Bro, I have the number of a stripper.

Abramov: Its about time, half of my phone numbers are of strippers.

Maimon: But I brought you the stripper, I paid for her first.

Nu, you jerk, it was my money.

Abramov: Your money, you jerk?

Netanyahu: Bro, that Sophie, she was the hottest.

Abramov: Me first, listen. I had like 2,000 shekels for the dances, Im not kidding, I had two lap dances.

Netanyahu: But where's all the rest?

Maimon: No, it was three dances.

Netanyahu: Where's the rest?

Maimon: 'Cause I spent it on you, on him, every second I was like, 'Go dance on his lap,' I paid for your dance, bro.

Netanyahu: You paid for Jackie too.

Abramov: Wow, bro, we have to go back there.

(The bodyguard laughs)

Maimon: Look, even the bodyguard is laughing at you. You saw her kissing me, didnt you?

Bodyguard: I saw her shoving you away the whole time, thats what I saw.

Abramov: Bro, do you know how many girls I was with at Pussycat, you dumbass?

Did they kiss you?


Bro, whats the big deal?

Bro, shell drive you nuts.

You're not even on her radar, tomorrow itll be someone else.


Abramov: What's your problem, you dumbass, shes a hooker, like, a hooker par excellence.

Netanyahu: Its my mother on the phone? My mom is calling, how embarrassing, my mom, wow how embarrassing that shes calling

Abramov: Your mom, is your mom awake at these hours on Friday?

Maimon: Is she cool with leaving the house?

Abramov: At this hour?

Netanyahu: Why dont you get the Japanese girls...

(One of the three to the bodyguards): If he quits, bro, we'll to murder him ... When you quit, be careful because youll die, too bad for the kids.

Netanyahu: Dudu stung us.

Abramov: Now, bro, hes opening Leviathan [natural gas field], now were living off that, for two years, bro. What about Leviathan, tell us.

Netanyahu: My dad got a great deal for your dad.


Netanyahu: Bro, you have to be nice to me. Bro, my dad got your dad a sweet deal, he fought for it at the Knesset, bro.

Maimon: What?

Netanyahu: My father really fought for it. I remember.

Abramov You owe us, you owe us 125 thousand.

Netanyahu: Bro, my dad just got you a 20 billion dollar deal and you cant spot me 400 shekels?

Maimon: Are we talking about Sheshinski [head of commission on natural gas royalties]?

Netanyahu: Not this time, now its the new one.

Abramov: Sheshinski is hell.

Netanyahu: He screwed you on that, but then he made up for it. He just got you 20 billion dollars.


Netanyahu: Youre crying over 400 shekels, my father arranged 20 billion dollars for your father and youre crying over 400 shekels for me, you son of a bitch.

Abramov: I dont want this conversation getting out, God help us. God, if this gets out...

Bodyguard: Where are we going, where do we drop him off?

Netanyahu: Can you put on Waze for a minute? Rothschild Boulevard, number 30 [Maimons Tel Aviv apartment] and then to the apartment [of billionaire Packer at the Royal Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv].

Netanyahu: If were already talking hookers, whats open at this hour?

Maimon: Benedict.

Netanyahu: Wow.

Maimon: Are you coming to Benedict? Its on Yair.

Netanyahu: Its on me, despite the 400 ... He needs to get out.

Bodyguard: No, no one is coming to replace me, dont worry.

Maimon: Lets go to Benedict, as long as Yair is paying.

Abramov: As long as Yair is paying Im happy.

Netanyahu: Do you think the waitress will play along?

I dont know, lets check her out.

I dont know...

Maimon: Im going to sleep.

Come on.

Maimon: Im going to sleep.

Abramov: Come on Yair, its on Yair, lets go ... he didnt have money for a hooker, it was on Yair, its on me, you just got 20 billion and youre crying.

Netanyahu: Son of a bitch, my father got you 20 billion.

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