From Georgian Vegans to Friendly Fishermen: The Best of the Tel Aviv Table Podcast

We've put together Tel Aviv Table's tastiest morsels from the last year: Flamboyant chefs, mythical Jerusalem dumplings, Israel's only buffalo farm, and lots more!

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Photo: Chef Eyal Shani at his Tel Aviv restaurant Ha Salon, where Daniella Cheslow joined him to talk ‘aubergine.’
Photo: Chef Eyal Shani at his Tel Aviv restaurant Ha Salon, where Daniella Cheslow joined him to talk ‘aubergine.’Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

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Eyal Shani and the eggplant : A life-long romance

Host Daniella Cheslow meets flamboyant gastronome Eyal Shani at one of his Tel Aviv restaurants, Ha Salon, to discuss the only fixed dish on his menu – ‘Aubergine Drying in the Wind.’

Israel’s only buffalo dairy farmHost Daniella Cheslow visits Irit Treister on her buffalo farm, where cheese lovers from across the country come to buy buffalo ricotta, buffalo mozzarella and buffalo frozen yoghurt.

Decadent vegan dining at Georgian bar Nanuchka
Daniella Cheslow steps into the velvet-lined Nanuchka Bar to find out why owner and public figure Nana Shrier turned the bar vegan after 14 years, and to put her vegan khachapuri and khinkali to the test.

Catch of the day: An old man, a young man, and the sea
Host Daniella Cheslow joins partygoer-turned-fisherman, Gil Sassover, and seventh-generation fisherman, Sado Zeinab, at the Jaffa Port to get a taste of life at sea.

What did medieval Hispanic Jews eat?
Writer and tour guide Yuval Ben Ami describes his experiences on a Jewish tour of Spain and Portugal. Some of the culinary traditions of the medieval Jews in hiding still remain today.

A ‘Drop of Gold’ in Neve Sha’anan
Gilad Lieberman, creator of the food blog Tipat Hazahav (‘Drop of Gold’), takes host Daniella Cheslow on a restaurant tour of African restaurants and holes-in-the-wall in Tel Aviv’s Neve Sha’anan neighborhood.

The legendary kubbeh soup of Azura, Jerusalem
According to Jerusalem lore, the best kubbeh soup in Israel can be found at the Azura Restaurant; host Daniella Cheslow sets out to uncover this purple kurdish dumpling soup of mythical proportions.

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