The 'Asymmetrical' Edition / The Promised Podcast

Ilene, Noah and Eilon discuss the asymmetry of this war, showing empathy for the other side and second thoughts on moving the family to Israel.


Ilene, Noah and Eilon discuss:

Is asymmetry the new black?
Israel is fighting the mother of all asymmetrical wars. Is Israel’s military superiority also its greatest weakness? Is Hamas’ weakness also its greatest strength?

Empathy for the 'devil'
Showing empathy for the suffering of the other side in these times of war should not be equated to Hamas-sympathizing.

Second thoughts on uprooting the family tree?
Watching funeral after funeral of young IDF soldiers causes us to reconsider the decision to uproot ourselves and our families and move to Israel.

The powerful peace music of Hadag Nachash:
Od Ach Ehad
Shirat Ha-Stiker
Lo Frayerim