How a Pioneer of Ambient Electronica Became a Zionist / Journeys Podcast

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Roland P. Young / Via TLV1

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Internationally acclaimed musician Roland P. Young, widely recognized as a forerunner of the musical genre Ambient Electronica, began as a classically and jazz trained clarinet and saxophone player. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Young boasts an exceptionally diverse African American, Native American and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

His first interest in his Jewish roots came only when, as a young sympathizer of the Black Panther movement, he heard about their Israeli equivalent, that was led by young Mizrahi radicals.

Through them, he became a Zionist, and after dividing most of his adult life between San Francisco and New York, Young and his wife made Aliyah in 2013. In recent years he has been enjoying a renaissance of his music, following reissues of his early albums on the Japanese label EM Records.

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