The 11 Funniest Tweets From the Internet's Next Great Twitter Troll - 'The Mossad'

Online since September 2016, Israeli intelligence agency's un-official handle specializes in one thing - trolling

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Mossad fake twitter account

"The Mossad" (@TheMossadIL) is vying to join the ranks of famed satirical twitter troll accounts like "Darth Putin" (@DarthPutinKGB), "Soviet Sergey" (@SovietSergey) and even "Edgar Allen Poe" (@Edgar_Allen_Poe). 

While the account doesn't tweet in dark couplets, whomever is behind it certainly has a way with words - laying into the BDS movement, Israeli hasbarah and basically any and all Israel related news. 

The account, which has been around since September 2016, currently has twenty-four thousand followers, but only follows actress and Rabbi- wannabe Roseanne Barr - who it claims is "up to something shady." The account even takes aim at children's books - skewering the controversial "P is for Palestine."

Enjoy the comedy: