Jerusalem Trivia: Think You Know Everything There Is to Know About Israel's Capital? Prove It

Reports about U.S. President Donald Trump's potential declaration of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital are reigniting the ancient debate over the ancient city

A sign congratulating U.S President Donald Trump on a decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a call he has yet to make but has been at the center of a heated debate.
Ariel Schalit / AP

The city of Jerusalem has been at the center of a religious and cultural dispute for thousands of years, with Jewish, Christian and Muslim worshipers all staking claim.

U.S President Donald Trump is reportedly set to decide whether or not to make the symbolic move of his country's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, propelling the tension-fraught city to the center stage of the international dialogue.

Take this Haaretz quiz below to find out how much you really know about the city that has inspired prayer, multiple wars and one heated embassy debate.