The Fast and Feast of Ramadan / Tel Aviv Table Podcast

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Chef Johnny Goric, Executive chef of the Legacy Hotel, and his Ramadan fast-breaker of Ouzi. Credit: Daniella Cheslow

Fasting during the lunar month of Ramadan is the obligation of every healthy adult Muslim. During the 12-hour daytime fasts, one could be forgiven for occasionally fantasizing about syrup-drizzled Katayef pancakes with tamarind and rosewater juice.

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Why do Muslims fast for a month and how does it work?

Khalil Mari of Sikkuy explains the relationship between sacrifice and spirituality, and describes the succulent rosewater and syrup desserts traditionally eaten on warm Ramadan nights.

From Ramadan taste-tester to Masterchef champion

Nof Atamna Ismaeel was the first Israeli Arab to win Israel’s Masterchef TV program. She describes the daily activity in her hometown of Baka Al Gharbiya during Ramadan.

Chef Johnny Goric on the challenges of Ramadan

Chef Johnny Goric talks about life in Jerusalem, the importance of presentation, and serving Ramadan dinner to 130 starving guests simultaneously.

The real Ramadan experience

Ahmed Juha started running Ramadan tours in Jasr A Zarqa six years ago. He tells us about the year-round guesthouse he opened for backpackers on the back of this enterprise.

Food News: Break the fast with mouthwatering Malabi

Smuggling bust at Tel Aviv's Toto restaurant; Nero's rotating dining room; a new place to get Malabi in Tel Aviv; and the science of food at Bezalel art school in Jerusalem.

Editor: Hadas Ribak/Amy Racs
Producer: Liya Spiegel
Music Editor: Tomer Gershenman
Technician: Tammy Goldenberg/Lior Peleg

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TootArd – Kul El Nas
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