Tel Aviv's Odd Ad Campaign for This Year's Gay Pride Parade

'Imagine London Without Gays' ad has British commuters asking if Israel's tourism campaign is homophobic.

An electronic billboard advertises in London for the June 3 Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade.
Metro web site

Tel Aviv's Gay Pride Parade has come up with an advertisement campaign raising eyebrows in European capitals. Electronic billboards in London feature the words" Imagine London Without Gays. Coming soon!"

"You would be forgiven for thinking" that such a sign "might be something homophobic," the Metro newspaper writes.

But the story goes on to quote billboard owner JCDecaux as denying that the signs are homophobic or unique to London, as there are versions of them being planned for Berlin and Madrid as well.

JCDecaux told PinkNews the advertisements were "part of a campaign for the Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2016, which takes place on June 3.

This year's parade has already caused controversy with local LGBT activists threatening to boycott it if the government doesn't allocate funding for the community to match the 11 million shekels (nearly $3 million) invested in a campaign to promote gay tourism ahead of the parade in Tel Aviv, scheduled for June 3.