Tel Aviv Hit-and-run Suspect Arrested in France for Fraud

French authorities informed the Israeli State Attorney of the arrest, but stressed that the case is not connected to the killing of 25-year-old Lee Zeitouni.

Eric Roubbi, one of the two French nationals accused of killing 25 year old Lee Zeitouni in a hit and run accident in Tel Aviv this September and then fleeing the country, was arrested in France on unrelated fraud charges, it was reported Tuesday.

While French authorities reportedly informed the Israeli State Attorney’s office of the weekend arrest of Roubbi—the alleged owner of the hit and run car -- they also reportedly stressed that this is not connected to the case in Israel, and does not mean the accused will be extradited, as Israel is demanding.

Tel Aviv hit-and-run - Moti Milrod - September 2011
Moti Milrod

In recent weeks, French prosecutors have said that the chances that Roubbi and the other French National accused in this case, Claude Isaacs, the alleged driver of the car that hit Zeitouni, will be extradited to Israel remain slim. Nathalie Becache of the prosecutor’s office in the Val de Marne district near Paris, told Haaretz recently that she did not believe the two suspects would in fact ever be extradited.

Meanwhile, last month, the mayor of Paris, on a visit to Israel, promised that even if the two alleged killers were not brought to Israel he would do everything in his power to ensure justice was carried out in France, and that the full rigor of the law was exercised against them.