Teens Indicted of Murdering Classmate in Bedouin Town of Rahat

According to the indictment, the youths decided to hurt the 16-year-old Abu Siam because they both resented him.

The southern district prosecutor's office issues an indictment Sunday against two teens suspected of murdering their classmate  in the Bedouin town of Rahat last month.

The two teens are accused of conspiracy to commit a crime, destroying evidence and obstructing justice. According to the indictment the two teens decided to hurt the 16-year-old Abu Siam because they both resented him and wanted to be involved in crime.

Abu Siam - Ilan Assayag
Ilan Assayag

The indictment says that on February 16, the two teens and Abu Siam were riding the bus to school, when the two suspects began discussing plans to go play pool. Abu Siam heard their conversation, and asked to join them. He said he could play with the suspects the following day.

One of the suspects then allegedly turned to the other and said, "this is our chance," meaning, their chance to enact their plan to harm Abu Siam.

The two teens allegedly made plans to meet with Abu Siam, and armed themselves with knives. Abu Siam then called the two suspects on the day they set out to meet, telling them he was waiting for them near the gymnasium in Rahat.

According to the indictment, the suspects made Abu Siam wait for half an hour until it was dark, after which they met with him and suggested they go to a nearby wadi.

The three then went to the wadi where the two suspects allegedly stabbed Abu Siam repeatedly in his upper body until he died.

The two suspects then allegedly burnt Abu Siam to death using lighter fluid they had brought with them to destroy the body. After this they disposed of their bloodstained clothing as well as the knives they used to perpetrate the murder.

The prosecutor has requested that the teens be placed under arrest until the end of the legal proceedings.