Teenage Girl Alleges Repeated Rape on School Grounds in Southern Israel

One suspect arrested, three more accused of raping, filming 13-year-old twice a day for 10 days

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For illustration: A policeman and police car in Israel.
For illustration: A policeman and police car in Israel.Credit: Ofer Vaknin

Israeli police is investigating a case of multiple instances of rape on a 13-year-old girl, Channel 13 reported on Saturday night.

The acts took place on school grounds in an undisclosed location in southern Israel, an education ministry source told Haaretz.

According to the report, four 16-year-old boys took the victim to the school's bomb shelter during recess and raped her twice a day over the course of 10 days, documenting the act on tape. They would take turns, with two of them keeping watch outside.

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In the Channel 13 report, the girl’s father said his daughter had told him the boys had threatened to murder her little brother and to disseminate the videos if she told anyone.

Police said the investigation has just begun, and they don’t yet know what role each of the suspects played in the rape. One suspect has been arrested, and remanded in custody until Sunday - but his lawyer says he denies any involvement.

He came to the police station of his own initiative, after relatives of the girl had called him and threatened him. Two other suspects were taken in for questioning.

“He doesn’t know her at all,” the suspect’s lawyer told Haaretz. “He’s never met her and he wasn’t at the place where the girl says the rape happened.”

Police questioned the victim on Friday and again on Saturday. She is expected to undergo a medical examination on Sunday.