The English Channel Backchannel Exploited by Israeli Spy-tech Firm

Guernsey offers tourists fields, villages and historic sites. But companies like Rayzone Group come there for a very different reason – access to a cellular network that enables them to help customers spy on targets

רן בר זיק - צרובה
Ran Bar-Zik
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England was always a favorite spot for Israeli tourists, but most rarely leave London. A few make an excursion to see other cities or attractions, but there are some places most Israeli tourists probably haven’t even heard of – for instance, Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands.

If you’re wondering what Guernsey is, I’ll spare you a Google search. According to Zvi Chazanov of the site Francophiles Anonymes, “Guernsey is an enchanted island located between England and France to which very few Israeli tourists go.”