A Computer Edited This Story. It May Change How You Write Online

A new program that can be easily added to your browser harnesses AI not just to find typos or fix grammatical mistakes - but actually help you communicate in English

Uri Eliabayev
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Even though Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been around for a while, it gained wide attention in the last year due to breakthroughs by several research teams around the world. As a result of these breakthroughs, more precise models are now more successful in a wide range of tasks and tests. However, despite this progress, there is still a challenge in transforming these impressive developments into finished products that can be used by a wider public. Machine learning in general faces this problem, but when it comes to the elusive human language, the task seems even more difficult. Nevertheless, a few weeks ago the Israeli company AI21 Labs released a new product called Wordtune, which manages to combine high-performance language models with a high-quality consumer product.