Taxi Drivers Join Israeli Social Protest Wave, Block Main Tel Aviv Road

Hundreds of taxi drivers protest high price of diesel fuel in Israel; thousands of Israelis due to participate in various social protests on Thursday afternoon.

Taxi drivers have joined the wave of demonstrations sweeping Israel on Thursday, blocking a main Tel Aviv road in protest of the high price of diesel fuel in Israel.

Early Thursday morning, hundreds of taxi drivers parked their car in a busy Tel Aviv intersection on the corner of Kaplan and Menachem Begin streets. After blocking the road for several minutes, they proceeded to drive slowly toward northern Tel Aviv where they plan on holding a rally.

Taxi drivers protest - Milrod - August 4, 2011
Moti Milrod

Meanwhile, thousands of Israelis are expected to participate in various protests throughout Israel on Thursday afternoon, protesting a wide array of issues such as housing, high cost of raising children, and problems with Israel's education system.

At around 5:30 P.M., "stroller marches" protesting the high cost of raising children in Israel are due to take place at 11 different locations throughout Israel. Teachers are also due to protest on Thursday afternoon by marching to the home of Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar and protesting the various policies the Education Ministry has put into place during Sa'ar's term.