Tachles: Arguably, the Most Essential Word in Hebrew

In this episode, StreetWise Hebrew cuts to the chase.

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Tachles!Credit: Zipa Kempinsky

The word Tachles is making an amazing comeback over the past few years, regaining it's position in everyday Hebrew. Where is it from, and what other words do we know from the same family?

Words and expressions discussed:

תַּכְלִית - tachlit
תַּכְלִיתִי - tachliti
רַב תַּכְלִיתִי - rav tachliti
תַּכְלִיתִיּוּת - tachlitiyut
תַּכְלִית < תַּכְלֵס - tachlit < tachles
שַבָּת < שָאבֵּס - shabat < shabbes
טָלִית < טָאלֵס - talit < tales
בַּתַּכְלֵס - ba-tachles

Shalom Rav - Chava Alberstein
Yom Shishi - Hadag Nachash

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