'Suspected Israeli Spy Ilan Grapel Tells Family He Is Treated Well in Egypt'

Egypt renews investigation of Jewish American citizen following four days of delay after Grapel's first lawyer quit due to unknown reasons.

Egypt has renewed its investigation of Ilan Grapel, the dual Israeli and American citizen it had detained under suspicion he was spying for Israel, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Tuesday, and allowed him to have a conversation with his parents in which he told them he was being treated well.

In a 51-minute-long conversation, Grapel told his family that he has not been harmed throughout his detention period and that he is being treated humanely. He also said that during the investigations he has a lawyer who represents him present, after the first lawyer quit due to reasons unknown to him.

Ilan Grapel Tahrir

According to the report, a senior Egyptian official said Grapel's investigation was halted for four days due to the first lawyer's resignation. He also said that neither the Israeli nor the American embassies sent a lawyer on their behalf to defend the suspect.

Reports in Egypt have said that Grapel was detained after security forces believed he tried to collect information on the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo, and claimed he was a Mossad agent trying to recruit Egyptians and spark a conflict between the people and the army.

The reports also said that Grapel had identified himself as Muslim when he requested a visa for Egypt at the Egyptian consulate in Tel Aviv.