Suspected Gas Explosion Injures 11 in Netanya Restaurant

The blast occured in the city's old industrial area; a month ago four Netanya residents were killed in a similar gas explosion

Eleven people were injured Friday after an explosion rocked a Netanya restaurant and caused part of the building to collapse.

The two-story restaurant is located on Pinkas street in Netanya's old industrial area.

Eleven foreign workers from China who were sleeping in the top floor sustained light injuries and suffered from smoke inhalation. Seven of them were taken to Laniado Hospital and four to Hillel Yaffeh Medical Center.

A fire that raged after the explosion hampered search and rescue efforts, but the flames were eventually put out.

A month ago four people were killed in a gas explosion in Netanya. Two suspect were arrested, one suspected of tampering with the building's gas pipes and the other a technician for the Pazgaz company who was called to the building after residents complained of the smell of gas in the air.