Suspect in Duma Arson-murders Says Was Beaten by Shin Bet

Amiram Ben-Uliel claims he confessed only after torture, which included being 'seated in an impossible position' and listening to women singing.

One Orthodox right-wing teen is tethered to a metal bed frame with his face covered by a black scarf as part of a protest against the Shin Bet torturing Jewish prisoners, Tel Aviv, December 23, 2015.
Moti Milrod

Amiram Ben-Uliel, the main suspect in the arson murder of the Dawabsheh family last summer, said he was tortured by his interrogators in a variety of ways, from being made to listen to women singing to being beaten, restrained and “seated in an impossible position,” of 45 degrees, and that this was the reason he confessed.

“They questioned me, and I didn’t cooperate until they realized that I try not to hear women singing and then they simply turned on the radio,” Ben-Uliel, 21, said in a recording reported on Channel 2 News Sunday night.

“I asked them to turn it off, and they wouldn’t’; I got up to turn it off and they jumped me, beat me, bound me hand and foot, and put pressure on me in painful places.”

Amiram Ben-Uliel.

He also said that because “they realized that it’s a sensitive issue with me, they brought me a female interrogator who sang me songs. At some point she said that she was very afraid about my back and she touched me on the shoulder to pick me up. I started to shout at her, ‘what are you touching me for? You should be ashamed.’”

“They asked me simply to sit back at a 45-degree angle, which is impossible. After a minute at most I fell back, my head almost hit the floor. They put some kind of rags under my head, terrible pain, I screamed. They didn’t care. They said, ‘are you going to talk’? I kept quietOne of them said, ‘we’re going to drink the blood from your ears.’”

Ben-Uliel said that finally, because of the torture, he said he would “make something up, just let me go” and that he told them “I did Duma, how I went and planned it, all kinds of things I understood from them.”