Summer's First Big Heat Wave Envelops Israel

Hot air from Jordan and Saudi Arabia combines with wind off sea to cause high humidity on Israel's coastal plane; disruptions caused at Ben Gurion airport

The summer's first significant heat wave hit Israel hard on Saturday, with forecasts expecting temperatures to stay high for most of the week. As a result of heavy fog, Ben Gurion Airport experienced disruptions and poor visibility.

According to Nahum Malik of the weather forecast firm Mete-Tech, a heat wave of this sort normally occurs in the middle of the summer, which is due to officially start in the coming days. The hot air came from the direction of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, passing through Israel at a height of 800 meters. Despite that, at lower levels of the atmosphere, air penetrated from the direction of the sea and caused high humidity on the Israeli coastal plane. That humidity is expected to reach 75 percent on Sunday.

On Sunday, the temperature is expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius in the valleys and 43 degrees in the Arava Desert, the Dead Sea and Eilat. On the coastal plane, the temperature will be around 30 degrees, but the weight of the heat will be heavy owing to the high humidity.

The temperature on Monday is expected to be slightly lower, Wednesday will be significantly cooler, and by Thursday, the temperature is expected to return to those typical of the summer's start.

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