Study Finds Cancer Number One Cause of Death in Israel, and Rising

Ahead of World Cancer Day, Ministry of Health report reveals that one in every 2.5 Israeli men have chance of developing cancer, and one in every three women.

Cancer is the number one cause of death in Israel, a Ministry of Health report published on Tuesday revealed.

The report, which was published ahead of World Cancer Day, shows that one in every 2.5 Israeli men will develop the illness as well as one in every three women. These numbers are 17 percent higher than they were in 2003.

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The report was based on data collected by the Department for National Cancer Registration in the Ministry of Health, which separates the data into age groups.

The data showed a rise of cancer cases in every documented age group, and found that from the age of 70 and up, the chances of developing cancer rise significantly, with one in every 4.5 men developing cancer, and one in every 6 women.

According to the report, Arab women showed a significant rise in probability of developing breast cancer, lung cancer, and intestinal cancer, while Arab men displayed a similar rise in developing lung cancer, prostate cancer and intestinal cancer.

According the report, over 200,000 people in Israel have cancer, and 28,000 are diagnosed every year.