Strong Explosions Heard in Eilat, Southern Israel; Police Searching for Rockets

Strong explosions heard mainly in the south of the city shortly after midnight; security forces are searching for rockets landed in the area; no injuries reported.

Strong explosions were heard in the city of Eilat, southern Israel, about twenty minutes overnight Thursday, shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

Police and security forces are carrying out a search throughout the city, particularly in areas in the south.The police stated that they had not found traces of rockets, but that they were continuing to search. They also stated that the site of rocket fire was likely to  be an open area outside of the city.

Security forces at the scene in Eilat, April 4, 2012.
Revital Levy-Stein

The explosions were mainly heard in the south of the city, from the shoreline to neighbourhoods in the higher part of the city. Many city residents came out of their houses when they heard the explosions.

R., a resident of the Shahamon neighbourhood in Eilat, said that they heard a terrible noise about twenty minutes after midnight. "I heard two explosions that shook the area," they said. "After that a strong and unusual smell started to spread.Not something that I can define," they said.

Moti Milrod

In August 2010, five grad rockets exploded in the Eilat area and in Aqaba in Jordan, that were fired from Egypt. One Jordanian man was killed by the rocket fire.

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