StreetWise Hebrew Podcast: Like Nothing Else: Intensifiers and Superlatives

'That's f****** amazing!' But how do you do say that it in Hebrew?

Fans cheer during a concert in Tel Aviv.
Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90

So you just saw the coolest concert, and then your friend made you the best soup you've ever tasted. The next day you saw the most wonderful film. It's all so fantastic that you want to yell, this is f****** amazing! But how do you do it in Hebrew? For starters, check out Guy's toolkit of 'intensifiers.'

Words and expressions discussed:

Haverimot (Haverim+haverot) – Friends (m+f) – חברימות

Ein dvarim ka-ele – Amazing (Lit: There are no things like it) – אין דברים כאלה

Ein yoter yafa mimech – There’s no one prettier than you – אין יותר יפה ממך

Ein dvarim ka-ele ba-olam – There are no things like it in the whole world – אין דברים כאלה בעולם

Ta’im she-ein dvarim ka-ele – So delicious that there are no things like it – טעים שאין דברים כאלה

Eich at matrifa – How terrific you are – איך את מטריפה

Metoraf – Crazy – מטורף

Lehatrif mishehu – To drive someone crazy – להטריף מישהו

Hamud be-teruf – Crazy cute – חמוד בטירוף

Ani machur elaich – I am addicted to you – אני מכור אליך

Ba-ramot hachi kashot – So much (Lit: In the most severe levels) –ברמות הכי קשות

Be-ramot – Really, so much (Lit: In levels) – ברמות

Ta’im be-ramot – So tasty – טעים ברמות

Ta’im be-ramot acherot – It’s so tasty (Lit: It's tasty in other levels) – טעים רמות אחרות

Hi mehamemet be-ramot acheort – She’s on a whole ‘nother level (Lit: She’s amazing in other levels) – היא מהממת ברמות אחרות

Madhim, ata lo mevin – Amazing, you don't realize – מדהים, אתה לא מבין

Seret madhim she-ata lo mevin – You cannot realize how amazing it is (Lit: Such a great movie you don't understand) – סרט מדהים שאתה לא מבין

Ata lo ma’amin – You don’t believe – אתה לא מאמין

Ta’im she-ata lo mevin – It's so delicious that you cannot believe it – טעים שאתה לא מבין

Sof ha-derech – Amazing (Lit: End of the road) – סוף הדרך

Eich ha-marak? – How's the soup? – ?איך המרק

Sof! – Great (Lit: End) – !סוף

Haval al ha-zman – Amazing (Lit: It's a pity about the time) – חבל על הזמן