Stiflingly Hot Weather in Store for the Next Two Days in Israel

Predicted high in Tel Aviv on Sunday is 40 degrees Celsius; Jerusalem will see a high of 36 degrees.

Moti Milrod

The heatwave Israel has experienced on Saturday will intensify Sunday, bringing scorching temperatures to the entire country – along with the risk of fires.

The predicted high in Tel Aviv on Sunday is 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit); In Eilat, the high is expected to soar to 44 Celsius (111 degrees Fahrenheit); Haifa’s high will be 39 Celsius (102 Fahrenheit); Jerusalem will see a high of 36 Celsius (97 Fahrenheit); Be’er Sheva’s will be 42 degrees Celsius (107.5 Fahrenheit); and the Dead Sea will have a high of 43 Celsius (109.5 Fahrenheit).

It will be windy along the coastal plain this afternoon and tomorrow. The heatwave will persist on Monday, with somewhat cooler weather only in store on Tuesday, along with higher humidity. But temperatures will remain above normal, particularly in the eastern valleys.

Wednesday will bring a further drop in the mercury, with normal temperatures and even cooler than normal weather in the evening in the hills.