Soccer / 5-a-side / Manchester United Takes Surprising Lead

In the Champions League, Manchester United leads the table with six points after an incredible performance against the Brazilians of Club Bahia.

Manchester United is the surprise of Ghetton's Champions League bracket, while the lower-tier Europa League race remains tight.

In the Champions League, Manchester United leads the table with six points after an incredible performance against the Brazilians of Club Bahia. United, led by its captain Jonathan Guirchonn, so far has the best attack (22 goals) and best defense (five yielded). Guichonn scored seven goals in one match, the best offensive performance in the league so far.

Bahia is still missing its injured captain Roni Maltz Bin, and this could explain part of its poor performance last week after a great opening in the first round against Arsenal.

The Gunners have made clear to the league that they are still a great team, winning their last match 10-5 against one of the top teams in Manchester City. For Arsenal, Michael Mordakhai netted three goals while Elad Levin, Miky Galante and Joe Galante each scored a brace. Ruben Vivanti also scored a great goal. Manchester City still made a good impression, with the first half ending 3-3. Captain Theodore Bokhobza is looking for some new players in this market window and it looks like the Italian star David Di Tivoli could sign soon.

Ardon Wesly, Micha Staszewski, Emmanuel Heymann, Ben Lerner and Yosef Vaisman of Bayern Munich came with serious intentions and confirmed that Bayern is a well-oiled machine. Their match against Roma was really impressive, a 9-3 victory with Vaisman and Heymann scoring four goals apiece. For Daniele Moscati and his Italian mates, it was an unlucky evening. Manuel Pavoncello and Alberto Di Cori scored for Roma.

One of the stronger teams so far, Sporting Lisboa, has lost just twice: to Arsenal and last week to Chelsea. The Argentinian team of Chelsea looked simply unbeatable, thrashing Sporting 15-3. Yoni Salaberry, Gaston Hilman, Elu Frajlich, Ari Goloboff, Alan Kaler and Jonny Shafran are playing so well together it looks like they've known each other for years. Chelsea plays in a superb way, where the secret is passing the pall perfectly and rapidly in order to confuse their opponents, as they did against Sporting.

United and Chelsea have six points, followed by Arsenal (four), Bayern and Sporting (three), Bahia (one), and City and Roma with no points. Next Saturday, the first weekend of 2013, the slate will be: Manchester City vs. United, Arsenal vs. Sporting, Roma vs. Chelsea and Bayern vs. Bahia. In the Europa League group, Maccabi, Barcelona and AC Milan have six points each, while Ajax and Boca have three apiece. All the other teams still have no points.

AC Milan looks like the favorite for the final spot, after blanking FC Hakoach 8-0. Yigal Halwani and Benny Namdar have completed the puzzle with Avichai Rahamim and Rostislav Smolenchanski, who has just signed for the team to cover the loss of the injured Zali Haddad. Rahamim, Namdar and Abutbul scored twice while Smolenchaski and Piazza each added one goal. FC Hakoach had few scoring chances.

The best game of the latest round was Maccabi-Boca, won 4-3 by Maccabi. Moi Sandler, Shai Bracha and captain Jonny Stark are the base of this team. Meanwhile Boca GM Arik Bendaud just acquired a new top player, Italian Nathan Nacamulli, who scored against Maccabi. Captain Rafael Uzzan and Jonny Bendavid also scored for Boca.

Ajax-Shaktar showed some great promise from the Dutch side, which dominated in a 9-4 victory. Daniel Bar Sharabani scored six times for Ajax. Captain Michael Hess feels positive about the future of his team. Shaktar's goals came from Emanuele Terracini, Joseph Katri, Fede Zippel and David Brendeis.