Israeli Olympic Windsurfer Fails to Secure Medal

Lee Korzits finishes ninth as Spain's Marina Alabau Neira wins gold medal, and Finland's Tuuli Petaja and Poland's Zofia Noceti-Klepacka win silver and bronze, respectively.

The Israeli Olympic team was dealt another blow on Tuesday when windsurfer Lee Korzits, who was Israel's last chance at an Olympic medal in the 2012 London games, finished ninth in the race and dropped from second to sixth place overall.

Spain's Marina Alabau Neira finished first in the race, winning the gold medal, while Finland's Tuuli Petaja and Poland's Zofia Noceti-Klepacka won silver and bronze, respectively.

Korzits who was disappointed by the finish, burst into tears after the competition. "It was hard with this weather. I gave everything…I believed that I would win, I competed with all my strength, I gave my all – it just wasn't enough," Korzits said.

Korzits is not the first to be dubbed Israel's last hope. Kayaker Michael Kalganov won Israel's only medal of the 2000 Sydney Games at the last moment, as did windsurfer Shahar Zubari at the 2008 Beijing Games. "No one pressured me, and no one told me anything special," recalled Zubari. "I believe it will be the same with Lee."

Zubari said that before his medal race, he spent time with only people he knew. "It's very hard to be in Lee's place," he added. "She can win a medal or finish with nothing. She's tough and is the world champion. She knows the competition."