Israeli Wins Bronze at European Artistic Gymnastics Championships

Alexander Shatilov solidifies his place as one of the World's top gymnasts as well as one of Israel's foremost Olympic hopes.

Israeli gymnast Alexander Shatilov won a bronze medal at the European Artisitc Gymnastics Championships. Israeli sports prowess seems to be on the rise, following the dizzying success at the European swimming championship, where Israel won two gold medals.

With this victory, Shatilov can be considered one of the world's best gymnasts. Anyone doubting that Shatilov has the best chance of bringing Israel an Olympic medal received some encouragement following his most recent victory. Shatilov proved that he is ready for the London Olympics which are set to begin in two months, with his outstanding floor exercise performance in Montpellier.

Last year, Shatilov won a silver medal at the championships. This year, an overall score of 15.166 earned him third place.

This is Shatilov's third medal from the European championships, as he was awarded a bronze medal in 2009 as well. Shatilov will receive an award of NIS 25,000 for his achievement at this year's championships.