Israeli NBA Player Omri Casspi Signs With Maccabi Tel Aviv

Casspi, the first Israeli player to ever play in the American league, thus joins other prominent NBA players who have elected to play in Europe over a persistent league lockout.

Israeli NBA player Omri Casspi has signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv, the player indicated on Tuesday, amid a continued lockout between NBA owners and players.

According to a report by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Casspi, who was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer after two seasons with the Sacramento Kings, is to join the Israeli basketball powerhouse within a few weeks.

Omri Casspi

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The move by the first Israeli player to ever play in the NBA comes amid a continued league lockout, over significant financial differences between team owners and player representatives.

Casspi thus joins other NBA player who have chosen to play in Europe until the league resumes, such as the New Jersey Nets' Deron Williams, San Antonio's Tony Parker and Utah's Andrei Kirilenko.

It is expected that Casspi will return to NBA play and leave Maccabi as soon as the lockout is resolved.

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