Israel Shines as Host of Women’s European Lacrosse Championships

Israel Lacrosse Association is hosting women’s tournament, made up of 20 countries and 500 players

Israel and Germany play at the European Lacrosse Championships match in Jerusalem, July 15, 2019.
Yochanan Katz

In back-to-back summers the Israel Lacrosse Association has hosted major competitions.

A summer after hosting the 2018 Men’s World Lacrosse Championships composed of 46 countries and 2,000 athletes, the Israel Lacrosse Association is hosting the 2019 ELF Women’s European Lacrosse Championship, made up of 20 countries and 500 players.

“We are proud to use the game of lacrosse to expose the world to Israel,” said executive director Scott Neiss. It’s traditional for the host country to give visiting teams a gift, in the past it has been a bag or a shirt. Israel Lacrosse decided to once again give visiting teams the gift of Jerusalem. Each team toured the old city, visited Yad Vashem, and practiced at the Kraft Family Sports Complex.

The opening ceremony and first match of the tournament, Israel vs. Germany, took place at the Kraft Family Sports Complex.

Lead by MacEllen McDonough (six goals, 1 assist), Emily Resnick (4 goals, 2 assists) and Alison Curwin (3 goals, 2 assists). Israel beat Germany 13-2.

The bulk of the championship is taking place in Netanya at Tubroq Football field across the street from the Island Hotel, one Of five hotels filled with players, coaches, and fans for two weeks. Each team plays 8 games in 10 days for their final European ranking. Israel looks to improve on its 4rth place rank it secured in 2015.

Wednesday night Israel took down long time rival Scotland 12-7 in front of a passionate crowd of youth players and fans. “Hosting these major championships have given our youth incredible exposure to the sport of lacrosse at a high level. We see them imitating what they see on the field” says Director of Youth Development Jacob Silberlicht.

Israel played England Thursday night after press time, Wales Friday afternoon at 3 P.M. and Ireland Sunday at 8 A.M. to round out group play. Entry to games is free with an Israeli ID.

“This championship has helped us inspire the next generation of Israeli female athletes,” says National Team Captain Sarah Meisenberg.