Israel's Euro 2020 Soccer Bid Fails

BDS Movement takes partial credit, although attempt to host part of soccer final seemed to have been doomed by 'fundamentally' flawed bid.

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Workers replacing the goal net in Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium, June 4, 2013. The stadium failed to supply UEFA with details of its plans to meet hosting standards.Credit: AFP

Anti-Israel groups are feeling schadenfreude, taking at least partial credit for Israel failed bid to be named one of the 13 host cities for UEFA's Euro 2020 finals.

"Given that awarding Israel the right to host the games would have been a sign of support for Israel's massacre in Gaza and its war on Palestinian football," said Abdulrahman Abunahel, the coordinator in Gaza with the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee, according to new site Morning Star.

While the BDS movement publicized the decision on its home page and connected with their campaign against Israel hosting part of the finals, Israel's bid had already been deemed one of if not the weakest to be submitted. It's reportedly "complex" security situation certainly did not help.

The Irish Times singled out Israel as "fundamentally extremely flawed." It noted that Jerusalem's bid failed to include the projected number of available hotel beds and lacked details regarding the venue, Teddy Stadium.

"Regarding safety and security, the stadium has not provided any relevant certificates or evacuation plans," UEFA wrote in its qualitative evaluation of Jerusalem's bid. "The location of the control room is not identified. The only information provided is the number of turnstiles, which is insufficient."

UEFA noted that while major renovation works are planned for Teddy Stadium, "no information about the investment budget" was provided.

The stadium also did not provide "any useful information which could support" its evaluation that it could provide for spectator welfare. It also failed to meet UEFA's requirements "concerning the size and location of the broadcast compound, stadium media center, press conference room, mixed zone, flash area, indoor TV sudios or pitch-view studios.

UEFA decided to spread out the finals of its 60th anniversary tournament among 13 out of 19 candidates rather than one host nation. London will host the semifinals and finals.