Flag Football: Lobos, Our Crowd Get Big Opening Wins

Division leaders show their character in intense playoff race.

 Action from the AFI flag football league
Seth Herman

As the AFI Flag Football season gets closer to the playoffs, the division leaders are showing their character, while others make claims for a playoff spot.

At the top of the Max Steinberg Division, the Har Nof Hillbillies have strengthened their position as “kings of the hill” with two wins in convincing fashion, 26-6 and 20-6 against Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp. In a showdown between 5th place Joey’s Lobos and 3rd place Mercaz, Lobos pulled off the upset with two wins –13-6 and 20-0. With these solid wins the Lobos now have their sights on Briut Modiin Thundermuffins.

In one of the biggest surprises of the weekend, Derech Etz Chaim looked unstoppable in their first game against Our Crowd, winning 26- 0. In the second game, however, Our Crowd stunned DEC, winning 7-6. A late DEC drive that looked likely to earn the victory was cut short by an INT by wily veteran Ariel Gilor.

The leaders of the Myra Kraft Division, the Lev Night Sheidim, managed to weather the TABC “Storm.” Lev trailed early by two scores, but rallied, winning 13-12. In the second game, they displayed why they have control of the division, destroying their opponent 27–7. 

The 2nd place Camp Shalom & Solutions of LI had all the solutions to keep pace with the league leaders, with two wins 13–0, 21–6 over Ashreinu. 

Staying in the hunt for the playoff, CCJ did what was asked of them, taking two games from the Monsey Blazers, 26-14 and 13-12. 

In the Ezra Schwartz Division, the leaders Tzionim had a chance to separate themselves atop the league. However, they split their games with the Torah Youth Association, winning 19–12 and losing another 12–13.         
In another important match-up, the resilient Bruschis won 14-13 and 15-6. By winning two games against the Long Island Smokers, the Bruschis have new life to fight for a playoff spot.

Philip L. Stein and Associates made a claim in the playoff picture with two big wins – 22-0 and 20-6 – against the Imperial Car Service. Also staying in the playoff hunt is MMJ as the team booked two must-win games against Chaikel Travel, winning 21-12 and 14-13.