American Basketball Star Vows to Help Israel - With Sperm

David Blu of Maccabi Tel Aviv tells TMZ his love of Israel impels him to fill the shortage of sperm donations.


Israeli American basketball player David Blu says that he is committed to helping Israel thrive – by donating sperm.

Blu, formerly of University of Southern California and now in Israel's Maccabi Tel Aviv, told TMZ that Israeli sperm banks are suffering of a shortage of donors and that this was a serious issue. "The birth rate being low is a concern," Blu explained.

"I would definitely donate sperm for the Israeli people," TMZ quoted Blu as saying. "I love this country. It's important to keep the country thriving."

Recently Dr. Yigal Medger of the Sheba Medical Center Sperm Bank, told MyNet, that there is a shortage of sperm donors in Israeli sperm banks.