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Action Heats Up in AFI Flag Football Leagues

Matt Weinberg
Israel's women's flag football national team.Credit: AFI Israel
Matt Weinberg

As the AFI Men’s Flag Football league passes the halfway point, teams are beginning to stake their claim to the higher seeds.

Shimon Swizzies catapulted into the top spot with two come-from-behind victories over The God Squad, while the Tzionim moved into a tie with the Oscawana Lake Indians for second place by defeating Joey’s Boys twice. That being said, there is still only one undefeated team left – last year’s defending champs, the Bruit Modiin Thundermuffins, who sit at 8-0 and haven’t lost a game in almost a year.

Two-game winners this week included The Raiders, Abbey Locksmiths, The Monstars, Afek Oilers, Nicodrops Vapor, Our Crowd, Deretz Etz Chaim, The Merger and the Clippers.

Sakar SY’s and Launch 3 split a pair of games, as did the Frisch Cougers and the aforementioned Oscawana Lake Indians. MMJ beat and tied with Mercaz, while Big Blue and the underrated X-Team split. Other teams to share the spoils this week were Pizzeria Efrat, The Startup Center, Mishaan Levits Plumbing, Philip L. Stein & Associates, Jerry’s Kids and Mash-ters, all who picked up two points out of a possible four.

Women’s league off to strong start

In the AFI Women’s Flag Football League, 10 teams have registered to attempt and take home the Holyland Trophy.

Games played on November 16 featured an extraordinary number of shutouts – Eden’s Eagles shut out Danya, Yachad Midmo destroyed Coney Island Warriors, Mishaan Plumbers defeated Midknights, Big Blue took out the Wildkatz, Jays defeated the DB Beasts and Ziontours shut out Sharfmans. Kosher Casual put points on the board, but still were shellacked by Team Famous, while New York Bake Shop defeated Crossroads by a small margin.

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