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Thundermuffins, Swizzies Rebound in Second Round

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Action from a recent flag football encounter in sunny weather
Action from a recent flag football encounter (in nicer conditions than last weekend).Credit: Seth Herman

The top seeds in the AFI Men’s Flag Football round-robin stage lost their opening round matches two weeks ago, but this past week they rallied to claim victory and extend their season. The league’s top seed, the Briut Modi’in Thundermuffins, throttled CCJ 64-14, while the No. 2 seed Shimon Swizzies knocked off X-Team by a 39-28 score. Both teams will have to win again next week to claim a spot in the single-elimination playoff bracket. In the other win-or-go-home games, Leviathans took out the Raiders, Launch 3 eliminated the Monstars, Clippers took out Afek Oilers, and Phillip L. Stein & Associates beat Nicodrops Vapor.

Several other teams won their second round-robin game in a row, thereby punching their ticket to the top tier: Tzionim, Big Blue, Frisch Cougars, and Cinderella-story MMJ, who rose from the NO. 31 seed to grab a top spot in the league’s premier playoff bracket.

In lower-tier action, Danny Fried had two receiving touchdowns in his career finale as Mevasseret overcame six interceptions to beat the Koby Kings. Also, Our Crowd defeated Bais, Doghouse beat and tied Joe’s Eagles, Mash-ters took two games from Mercaz, and Purple Reign knocked off Chabad.