Manchester United Shuts Out Arsenal in Weekend Soccer

England trumps Italy 2-0, Sporting trounces Roma; and Manchester City easily eliminates Mayern Munchen.

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Manchester United won the big match of Ghetton’s weekend of 5-a-side Champions League soccer, topping Arsenal 2-0.

The Italian side, Arsenal, led by Joe Galante, had plenty of chances to score but lack of precision and a great night by the French goalkeeper have stopped the Gunners. Manchester United has probably the best talent of the league in Yonathan Guirchoun, who once again scored two fantastic goals and led the team's organization.

Arsenal coach Raffi Rubin tried different strategies to find at least one goal, but none of them was successful. United is still level on points with Chelsea, which didn’t find any obstacle in Bahia in the Argentinean-Brazilian derby. Chelsea dominated 10-1, with four goals by Ari Goloboff, while Jony Zaphran, Elu Frajlich and Gaston Hilman scored twice each.

The other great battle in the Champions Group was Roma-Sporting. Roma is trying to find its first points with a new lineup: Simone Cabib, Daniele Levanto, Yosi Nivaro, Nathan Salvadori and Jonathan Hofer. The quintet opened in a great way the match, leading 4-1 in the first half. Then a likely mix of inexperience and the fact that it was the first time for them playing together allowed Sporting Lisboa to recover the situation, scoring five goals in the second half to win it 6-4.

For Roma, there were two goals each for Daniele Levanto and Yosi Nivaro, while Sporting got two goals from Alex Assado and one each from Davide Gandus, Liam Cimber, Jonathan Forza and Orel Djerbi.

Manchester City had an easy task against Bayern Munchen, which is sixth in the chart and theoretically out of the final stage. For the Citizens, a hat trick by Markovits, who is climbing the top scorers chart, accounted for half its goals in the 6-0 thrashing.

In Europa League play, the big match was the North-European derby between Dutch/Swiss Ajax and Swedish FC Hakoach. Ajax opened the game well, but the experience of FC Hakoach made the difference to win it 5-4. Ajax had goals by Mike Langer, Gideon Bernestein and Daniel Bar Sharabni. For FC Hakoach, it was Michael Katina, Dror Ingber, and a hat trick for Tom Gerszbejn

Milan and Barcelona keep leading the group with nine points each, both of them scoring more than 10 goals in last match. For Milan, Rostislav scored six goals, Jonny Mieres took four, Benjamin Namdar had two and Yigal Halwani landed one for a final score of 16-5 against Tottenham.

Barcelona also had six goals by its top scorer Rotem Shmuel, as well as a hat trick by Kobi Abutbul and two by Shlomi Romi as it blanked Maccabi 14-0.

Boca Juniors also had a great night, winning 11-0 against Shakthar with five goal by Jaques Botbol and two by Jonathan Ben David.

Next match day is planned for next Saturday with some great games like City-Chelsea, Bahia-Roma, United-Sporting and Chelsea-Arsenal. The big match for the Europa League will be the fight between Milan and Barcelona.

Fc Hakoach (in Photos folder), after the great victory in the derby against Ajax, 5-4.Credit: Elad Levin

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