Israeli Gymnast Artem Dolgopyat Snags Gold Medal in Artistic Gymanstics World Cup

Dolgopyat finished first place receiving a high score of 14.8, which increases his chances of getting into the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo

Artyom Dolgopiat competing in the World Cup.
Minas Panagiotakis / GETTY IMAGE

Israeli gymnast Artem Dolgopyat made an important move toward earning a ticket for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after winning the gold medal on Saturday's floor exercise during the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup competition.

Dolgopyat received the high score of 14.8, gaining important points in the ranking.

The gymnast who finishes first when the scores of the World Cup series are rounded up will get an automatic ticket to the Tokyo Olympics. 

In order for Dolgopyat to qualify for the Olympics, he needs to place in the top three in the floor exercise of the 2019 World Championships, or to finish in the top spot in the World Cup. 

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