'Girls' Meets the Olympics - on Tumblr

Anonymously created memes superimpose 'Girls' star Zosia Mamet's face onto shots of different athletes.

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How would Shoshanna Shapiro, Zosia Mamet’s Jewish American Princess on crack (literally, sometimes) from “Girls,” fare at the Olympics? “Shoshi Games 2014” helps get your imagination going.

The anonymously created Tumblr superimposes Mamet’s face onto shots of different athletes.

Shosh is pictured figure skating (solo and with a partner), bobsledding, curling, ski jumping, rifle shooting and more.

The images come complete with Shosh-esque quotes as captions: An image of her bobsledding, for example, features the caption, "This doesn’t look like Jamaica," while one of her ski jumping is captioned, "How do you say OMG in cyrillic?"

Hopefully we'll see her at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, too.

Screenshot of the Shoshi Games 2014 Tumblr