5-a-side Soccer / Ghetton TLV / Chelsea, Man U Only Clear Pieces of Champs Group Puzzle

Yasha Maknouz
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Yasha Maknouz

With three games to go in the Champions Group of Ghetton TLV's 5-a-side soccer league, the only clarity remains at the top.

Chelsea and Manchester United both have twice the points of the next two teams, Bayern and Lisboa. With just one more victory in next three games, both teams will qualify directly to the semifinals of Champions Group. All the other teams have an almost equal chance to reach the playoff stage, but with three spots available for six teams this looks like a mission impossible for Roma and quite hard for Manchester City.

Another important verdict will be made in the Europa League. The top match between the two leaders of the group, Milan and Barcelona, ended with a 6-6 draw that sounds like a victory for Milan. With a better goal difference, Milan is now leading the table and is expected to qualify directly to the final of Europa Group. Tottenham and Ajax still have some chance to get into the top five playoff positions, and tomorrow's match that pits them against each other will probably define who can still make it.

In the latest round, one of the big surprises came from Bayern, which won again against Arsenal. It was hard times for the Gunners, who opened the qualification phase in excellent fashion but now with just one victory out of four are not even sure of qualifying for the playoffs.

On Saturday, Arsenal has the worst obstacle in Chelsea. Arsenal will need more than just scoring by striker Miky Galante, who was the team's MVP last time out. Now the Citizens, led by Theodore Bokhoobza, are not in a good shape and will find it hard to qualify for the last phase.

Daniele Levanto and Simone Cabib have just signed for Roma, but they were not enough for the Italian team to beat the Brazilians of Bahia. The final result was 13-1 for Bahia, with captain Vitor Lansky scoring six goals.

In the Europa Group, Tottenham had a fantastic game against Boca Juniors. The team led by Emanuele Braha scored five goals, while Boca managed only three. For Spurs, it was two goals by Amit Sayag and further scores by Oren Hanania, Davd Sassoon and Jonny Gee.

The Swedish team of FC Hakoach had another great victory against Shakhtar, which is still looking for its first point. Captain Michael Katina and Simon Cohen scored two goals apiece, and Dror Ingber put in the last word. Shaktar had goals by Vittorio Hasbani and Daniel Lubin. Captain Federico Zippel and manager David Brima will have to work and look for new players to save the team from its difficult position.

On Saturday evening the Champions Group features Arsenal vs. Chelsea, Bayern vs. Manchester United, Roma vs. Man.City and Bahia vs. Sporting. Europa League action will see Tottenham vs. Ajax, Maccabi vs. Shakhtar, Barcelona vs. FC Hakoach and Milan vs. Boca.

Miky Galante

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