South Tel Aviv Residents Disrupt Mayor's Meeting in Protest Against Foreigners

Protesters break into Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai's meeting carrying signs reading 'Huldai supports infiltrators' and 'Foreigners - a national time bomb.'

A group of residents of south Tel Aviv burst into a meeting being held by Mayor Ron Huldai on Monday, in order to protest the increase in the number of foreign residents living in the southern Tikva neighborhood.

As the mayor was beginning the meeting, held in the Tikva neighborhood, a group of residents came in shouting criticisms of the mayor and accusing him of neglecting the Tikva neighborhood.

Tel Aviv protest against foreign migrants Dec. 21, 2010 (Ofer Vaknin)
Ofer Vaknin

"What have you done for the Tikva neighborhood?" shouted one of the protesters, "What have you done for Tel Aviv?"

The protesters were carrying signs, saying "Huldai supports infiltrators" and "Huldai is destroying Tikva" and "Foreigners – a national time bomb".

The mayor tried to calm the protesters, asking if he could meet with them. They continued to protests, leading him to end the meeting and leave the building. On his way out, he commented that he understood the protester's anger, but said the responsibility for dealing with foreigners lies with the government, not the municipality of Tel Aviv.

Neighborhoods in south Tel Aviv, where many foreign workers live, have become a flashpoint for some residents who are unhappy with their presence.

There have been several protests and counter protests as of late, with residents demanding that the government take immediate action to deport all persons that are in the country illegally.