Israeli Soldier Wounded After Palestinian Attacks Soldiers Near West Bank Settlement

Palestinian man tried running over a group of soldiers when his car hit a safety rail, according to soldiers at the scene. He then exited the car brandishing a knife and was shot

Security forces stand guard at the site where a Palestinian attempted a car ramming and knife attack against soldiers at a junction in Tekoa on July 10, 2017.

A Palestinian man attemped to run over a group of soldiers near the West Bank settlement of Tekoa on Monday when his car veered off and crashed into a pole. He then exited the car and tried stabbing the group, according to the Israeli army.

The Palestinian man was shot and killed, and a soldier was moderately wounded. He was identified as Muhammad Ibrahim Jabrin from the village of Tekoa.

Soldiers present at the scene said that a Palestinian car sped toward them as they exchanged guard at a watchtower, hitting a soldier standing outside it and wounding him. The car then sped off and hit a nearby safety rail. According to the army, the driver exited the car while brandishing a knife and attempted to stab the soldiers. He was then shot by forces at the scene.

The soldier was evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital. A Magen David Adom paramedic said that the soldier was fully conscious when he arrived at the scene. "He was suffering from injuries to his upper and lower limbs as a result of the car hit," said Zaki Yahav. "With the help of the IDF medical unit at the scene we treated him, got him onto an intensive care ambulance and evacuated him."

Some three months ago, a 70-year-old man was lightly to moderately wounded in a car-ramming at the Gush Etzion Junction. An IDF unit at the scene shot and killed the driver. The army defined the car-ramming as an attack.     

At the end of last month, a knife-wielding Palestinian was shot dead after attempting to stab Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, the Israel Defense Forces said. According to the Israeli army, the Palestinian approached an IDF outpost near the village of a-Ram, not far from Qalandiyah, south of Jerusalem, managing to cross its outer fence. A soldier spotted him and two others who were at the scene noticed him charging at them from within the outpost's inner court yard and shot him.

Days earlier, three Palestinian assailants armed with guns and knives carried out an attack in Jerusalem that killed one Border Policewoman and left a number of people wounded. The officer, Hadas Malka, 23, was critically stabbed while attempting to reach for her gun, according to Israel's Police, and later succumbed to her wounds.