Soccer Coach Arrested After Posing With Banner Supporting Jerusalem Gunman

Maher Abu Sanina, coach of Hilal al-Quds team in East Jerusalem, was suspected of conspiracy to commit a crime and for publicly supporting terrorism.

Masabah Abu Sabih, the assailant behind the October 9 Jerusalem shooting attack.
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The coach of an East Jerusalem soccer team was arrested by Israel Police on Sunday after a photo posted online showed him and his players holding up a banner in support of the gunman behind last week's deadly shooting

Maher Abu Sanina, who coaches the Hilal al-Quds team, was suspected of conspiracy to commit a crime and for publicly supporting terrorism. 

Police asked the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court to extend his arrest by six days. Abu Sanina's attorney, Mohammed Mahmoud, said his client was not responsible for the photo being taken. But he could have prevented it, the police representative in court replied. 

Police also filed the court with a confidential report on Abu Sanina. The judge extended his arrest by three days, ruling that there was sufficient suspicion that a crime was committed. Abu Sanina's answers in his interrogation were "incomplete and not credible," the judge said.

Two people were killed in last week's attack in East Jerusalem, where 39-year-old Masabah Abu Sabih carried out a shooting spree that ended when he was shot down by police. 

After the shooting many of the perpetrator's family members were arrested, including his daughter and two brothers, on suspicion of helping him or inciting for violence after the attack. The daughter was released on Sunday. 

Abu Sabih shot and killed Jerusalem resident Levana Malihi, 60, who was standing at the Ammunition Hill light rail stop and police officer Yossi Kirma, 30, who rode on a motorcycle and looked for the assailant with a friend. The friend was moderately wounded.