Soccer / 5-a-side / Top 8 Settled

Chelsea sets itself up as team to beat, Bayern misses out on goal difference.

The Ghetton's League qualification phase ended Saturday as Arsenal, Sporting Lisboa, Bayern Munchen, Chelsea, Roma, Bahia, Manchester City and Manchester United qualified for the Champions League round.

The other teams that will play in the Europa League group: Maccabi, FC Hakoach, Tottenham, Ajax, Barcelona, Milan, Boca Juniors and Shakhtar.

There were few surprises, with the Argentine team of Chelsea showing the best organization and a fighting spirit.

In Group A three teams got nine points each, with Arsenal taking the lead spot thanks to a net 4-0 victory against Sporting Lisboa, which qualified from second place. Arsenal has many different scoring options. The team split its four goals between Elad Levin opening, Daniel Khordian, Miky Galante and Joe Galante. MVP of the game was the Gunners' goalkeeper Michele Disegni.

Bayern Munchen had another victory but for goal difference the Germans got the third spot. Captain Emanuel Heymann scored again, and the whole team played smoothly. Their new goalkeeper Ardon Wesly was the missing piece of puzzle for a perfect team.

In group C Manchester United won against Milan 5-1, with three goals scored from captain Jonathan Guirchonn, and two classy goals scored by Jeremy Lellouche and Jim Amram. Barcelona was the third power of this group.

Eran Ben David, Barca's manager, remains confident about a successful campaign in the Europa League group. Milan also could be one of the finalists of this group, with their star Jonny Mieres and a very good organization by captain Benny Namdar and manager Yigal Halwani.

Vitor Lansky and Ari Goloboff are the top scorers of this stage with 11 goals each, followed by Daniel Markovits and Alberto di Cori with nine each. Daniel Picciotto, Guirchonn and Alex Assedo are all tied for the third spot with eight each.

Saturday, December 15th, will see the first match day of the final phase. In the Champions League group, it will be Chelsea-Bayern, City-Sporting, United-Roma and Arsenal-Bahia. In the Europa League group it will be Maccabi-Tottenham, Fc Hakoach-Boca, Ajax-Barcelona and Boca-Shakhtar.