Soccer / 5-a-side

The second round of Ghetton's 5-a-side soccer league tomorrow night at Goaltime near the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv will be marked by the debut of the pitch's new synthetic turf, imported from Germany. The field will host three games simultaneously, one from each of the league's three groups.

In Group A, Maccabi TLV meets Arsenal first. Maccabi, led by Jonny Stark, has acquired two top players: Elias and Yosi Sandler, who with Shai Bracha, Yaniv Steiner, James Heron and Alon Nisenblat could form a stunning team. Arsenal will suffer tomorrow from some injuries. Only Elad Levin, Miky Galante and Joe Galante, Michael Mogdish and Ruben Vivanti will be playing, guided by coach Raffi Rubin.

Sporting Lisboa was a real surprise in Group A's opening round, defeating Bayern Munich, which was one of the best teams in the previous competition. Sporting's lineup was very solid with Jonny Djerby, Jonathan Forza, Liam Cimber, Alex Asado, Gabriel Scemama and Daniel Gai. Tomorrow Lisboa faces FC Hakoah.

Group B action tomorrow kicks off with Roma-Chelsea. Yossi Kedem is back playing with Roma, after his hat-trick brought Roma to the top with three points in its previous game. Roma can count also on another top player in Alberto Di Cori.

Tottenham-EC Bahia could be an intense match. Last week's Ajax-Tottenham encounter was one of the most exciting games of first match day, with the final score 2-3 for the England team. Ajax captain Michael Hess and his team Avi Tahan, Dennis Koolar, Aron Waltuch, Mario Flores, Gideon Bernstein and the two scorers Eyal Bollag and Damian Browarnih deserved much more.

In Group C the first match pits AC Milan against Barcelona. Milanese captain Yigal Halwani will need to quickly find a solution for AC Milan, which was not so impressive in its debut. Barcelona could take advantage of this delicate moment for Milan: Their roster looks strong enough to go far in the league, and captain Eran Ben David is confident of success. Tomorrow's Barca lineup should have Diana Redman from the Israel's women's national team and Remmy Ozoagu, the top player of Nigeria - the champion of this past summer's Mundial TLV 5-a-side competition.

The second Group C match features Manchester City and United, which are together dominating the group. Tomorrow night this derby will likely attract all the attention. There is a huge expectation on both teams. City has top scorer Daniel Markovits who scored four in his first game, and the Maor Shalom-Daniel Tisei duo could also make the difference.

Manchester United is led by Jonathan Guirchonn, who looked very cohesive in the team's opener, with Jonathan Benkalifat, Julian Weigler and Yoni Lallouche giving a wonderful performance against Milan last week.