Slonim Grand Rabbi: Even a Firing Squad Won't Make Us Compromise on Immanuel School Row

Slonim Grand Rabbi Shmuel Berezovsky calls the High Court a heretical, demonic force for its actions in the Immanuel school segregation case.

Slonim Grand Rabbi Shmuel Berezovsky said that his followers would not compromise and would continue their struggle against the High Court, in regards to the ongoing school segregation saga in the Immanuel settlement.

"Even if they put us in front of a firing squad, we would not give up and would not compromise," Berezovsky declared in a letter released to followers and journalists.

Berezovsky heads a midsized Hasidic sect, and in recent months has become a key figure, as Slonim are dominant in Immanuel, where Ashkenazi parents have refused to send their daughters to school with Sephardi students.

"If I thought the justices believe in what they wrote, that the school in Immanuel is based on racial discrimination, I probably would have acted differently," Berezovsky wrote. "But since I have no shadow of a doubt that they know the truth, that their words are lies to the core, this is a struggle between faith and heresy, between sacred power and impure Satanic forces? A struggle that we've always known would break out at the end of days."

At the end of his message, Berezovsky called on the public to "join us in this sublime struggle that generations have waited and looked forward to."