Six Suspects Arrested in Rape of Israeli Woman in India

The two prime suspects have admitted sexually assaulting the Israeli, local police inspector confirms.

ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Man arrested in gang rape of Danish tourist in 2014 is escorted to court by police in New Delhi, India. June 9, 2016.
Manish Swarup, AP

All six suspects in the rape of an Israeli woman on Sunday in India have been arrested, the Indian Express news website reported on Thursday.

The two primary suspects in the case have reportedly admitted to sexually assaulting the woman.

The victim, 25, was allegedly raped after hitching a ride with local residents near the city of Manali in northern India, the Times of India reported. Indian police sources said the woman was waiting for a taxi when a car without a license plate stopped next to her and offered her a ride to the town, from which she then planned to grab a cab.

The woman told police there were six men in the car and two of them raped her during the ride, later dropping her off in Manali.

The six suspects whom police have arrested include three minors, the Indian Express said. Two suspects, ages 25 and 21, are accused of assaulting the Israeli while the others, who range in age from 15 to 19, were apprehended as accomplices, the newspaper said. The local police inspector general reportedly said the two prime suspects admitted to sexually assaulting the Israeli.

The Israeli woman was forced to visit several hospitals for medical examinations to confirm that she had been raped, the Times of India reported Wednesday.