WATCH: From the Fall of Gaza in 1967 to Sadat at the Knesset, Six Newly Released AP Videos

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Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion watching a military parade on Israel's 10th anniversary, 1958. Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

The Associated Press and British Movitone have released over 1 million minutes of digitized film footage from their archives on YouTube this week, a veritable encyclopedia of 20th century history.

The YouTube channels will include more than 550,000 video stories dating from 1895 to the present day, AP said in a statement.

"For example, viewers can see video from the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, exclusive footage of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, Marilyn Monroe captured on film in London in the 1950s and Twiggy modeling the fashions of the 1960s," the statement said.

Here are a few Israel-related videos and - we couldn't resist it - one cat clip that we picked out from the vast collection:

Israel celebrates its 10th anniversary in 1958:

Gaza falls to Israel in 1967, after the Six Day War. The Israeli occupation of Gaza would last until 2005, when Israel, under the leadership of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, implemented the "disengagement plan" and withdraw from the Gaza Strip:

The Russian liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1945. At least 1.1 million people died at Auschwitz, about 90 percent of them Jews:

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat addresses the Israeli Knesset in 1977, the first Arab leader to visit Israel officially. The two countries would sign a peace treaty two years later:

Scenes from the Tel Aviv beach during the Yom Kippur War in 1973:

Israel's first astronaut Ilan Ramon takes off into space on board Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003. The space shuttle tragically disintegrated upon reentry, killing all seven crew members: