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Guy Sharett teaches us all the meanings of a very interesting Hebrew structure.

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Hebrew has this interesting structure: Verb "haya" (past tense of "to be") plus a conjugated verb in the present, like "hayiti holech." It can mean several different things, and host Guy Sharett teaches us all of them, including some conditional phrases.

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Words and expressions discussed:

Hayita bone li kirot – You’d build me walls – היית בונה לי קירות

Hayita matkin menorot – You’d install lamps – היית מתקין מנורות

She-yihie li or – So that I’d have light – שיהיה לי אור

Three options for haya + present: 1. He would. 2. He would have. 3. He used to.

Lu hayiti shnei alim ba-stav – If I were two leaves in the fall – לו הייתי שני עלים בסתיו

Hayiti nosheret alecha achshav – I’d fall on you right now – הייתי נושרת עליך עכשיו

Ma Atem Hayitem Osim? – What would you do? – מה אתם הייתם עושים?

Ani zocher be-leilot shel yare’ach male, hayit ba’a elay, lo be-mikre – I remember in full moon nights, you used to come to me, not at random – אני זוכר בלילות של ירח מלא, היית באה אליי, לא במקרה

Hayit sholachat yad ve-okeret et ha-pachad – You used to stretch your hand and take away the fear – היית שולחת יד ועוקרת את הפחד

Im hayiti yode’a - Had I known – אם הייתי יודע

Ilu hayit kan iti, hayiti noten lach mazkeret – If you were with me, I would have given you a souvenir – אילו היית כאן איתי, הייתי נותן לך מזכרת

Ilu yacholti hayiti shochachat eich bati le-chan – If I could, I would have forgotten how I got here – אילו יכולתי הייתי שוכחת איך באתי לכאן

Im hayita omer li she-ein ochel ba-bayit, hayiti kone mashehu – If you had told me there was no food at home, I would have bought something – אם היית אומר לי שאין אוכל בבית, הייתי קונה משהו

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