Shin Bet Arrests Man for Involvement With Alleged Jewish Terrorist

Jerusalem resident David Sitbon was arrested on Sunday on suspicions of stealing weapons and ammunition; Shin Bet says Sitbon was involved in activities of alleged Jewish terrorist Chaim Pearlman.

The Shin Bet arrested on Sunday a Jerusalem resident suspected of involvement in the activities of right-wing extremist Chaim Pearlman, who was arrested last week for four stabbing attacks against Palestinians in the capital since 1998.

The man arrested on Sunday was David Sitbon. Sitbon is suspected of breaking into a military base and apartments in Jerusalem to steal weapons and ammunition.

The Shin Bet has issued an order preventing Sitbon from meeting with his lawyer Adi Keidar.

Pearlman has said that he was contacted by a person who allegedly worked for the Shin Bet security service while disseminating fliers for the extreme right-wing Kach movement and encouraged to commit violent acts, including the assassination of Sheik Ra'ad Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel.

Pearlman recorded all his conversations with the Shin Bet man and said he had 20 hours of recordings that prove he opposed such violent activities.

The Shin Bet denied Thursday claims it tried to coerce Pearlman into carrying out attacks against Arabs, saying the exchanges recorded in the tapes released earlier Thursday represented a legitimate method of extracting a confession from a suspect.